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These are some of the events and projects that Dawn Marie has been involved with.
When / Where:​

Edmonton Alberta

April 23, 2015 

Sold out venue at the Shaw Conference Centre

When / Where:

Initial exhibit was in the traditional territory of where the story came from.

August 2015

Additional exhibits are in the works for the Channel Gallery, North Battleford and Tromso, Norway

How the Cree Got Horses

I did the artwork for a Family Cree Literacy project that seeks to have families learn Cree and oral history together.  This is a partnership between the Cree Literacy Network, Alberta Foundation for the Arts and myself

When / Where:​

Installed at City Hall during the TRC event, CBC Mainstage, City Centre Mall, Edmonton, AB The Works Festival Big Tent, “Reconciliation?”, Edmonton, AB, Kehewin Treaty Days, Kehewin, AB, Indian Family Centre, Winnipeg, MB and Neechi Commons, Winnipeg, MB, 2014  


Still available for display upon request.

When / Where:​

Edmonton, Alberta

October 2012


Collaboration with  Indigenous Peoples Art and Culture Coalition, Edmonton Folk Festival, Wicihtowin Circle of Shared  Stewardship, Canadian Native riendship Centre, Aboriginal Women's Professional Association,  

Edmonton Aboriginal Senior's Centre, The City of Edmonton, Sun Rae Landscaping and Cheyanne Tree Farm.

When / Where:​

May 2015

Cross River Wilderness Centre

When / Where:​

Edmonton International Folk Festival

August 2013

Walrus Talks: Aboriginal City

I produced the artwork along with Dawn Saunders-Dahl.  We brought together artwork from International Indigenous Contemporary Artists and local Edmonton Indigenous Artists.

kâ-katawasisicik iskwêwak Retreat

Took 13 women into the Kootenay Mountains for a 3 day retreat to meditate and create artwork around Indigenous beauty.  Hopefully this will translate into other projects.

itah kakohtayek kitacimowina - A Place to Hang Your Stories

Indian Residential School Survivor Collaborative Art Project and Installation.  This project took me across Alberta doing art workshops with survivors and intergenerational survivors.

Cree8 Success Conference

I partnered with fellow Indigenous Artist Aaron Paquette to bring together Indigenous Authors, Actors, Songwriters and performers to create an experiential learning experience based on Indigenous Pedagogy.  








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