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The Work

This is a brief overview of some of the work that has gained popularity over the past few years and some of the series of work that I do.
Sky Ponies

This series started in 2012.  It is loosely based on an oral history of where the horses go when they pass into the spirit world.  They have colourful sky scapes with horses running through them.  This series of works inspired a Cree literacy book which is still in production

Kokum Flowers

This series is an honouring of my grandmother's who both loved flowers and gardening.  I do these in between other work or when I feel the need to reconnect to my grandmothers and the lessons that they taught me.  

Coming Home

After a long absence, going home can feel like a daunting task yet that is where your roots are and where you look yourself in the mirror.  This series is about the uncertainty of going back and the abundance of learning available there.

Box Runners

This series is dedicated to smashing all the boxes we are expected to live in.  The horse is about strength, perseverence and courage.  It takes all of those to choose to live a life dedicated to love and wisdom.

Calling the Helpers

There's always this beautiful moment in ceremony where we call in our helpers and they come.  This is what is happening in my head in those moments.








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