Curriculum Vitae




2010 Year 3, Native Studies/Education, University of Alberta 2008 Year 2, Native Studies/Education, University of Alberta  

2007 University Transfer, Keyano College,  

1996 Boreal Forest Institute for the Indigenous Arts, Keyano College (Instructors: Alex Janvier, RCA,  

Joane Cardinal-Schubert, Jane Ash-Poitras, Edward Poitras, Brian Clark, Rebecca Belmore, Garry Bertieg)  


Bibliography and Related Experience  

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Marchand D. M. Appointed as City of Edmonton's First “Indigenous Artist in Residence” July 1, 2016

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Marchand D. M. “Touch the Sky: Artwork of Brad Ponicappo” A collaboration between Art Mentorship Society of Alberta and Ambrose Place to give a terminal client his first and possibly only exhibit in his lifetime. March 2016

Marchand D. M. RedX Talks, Edmonton Alberta “Art is the Medicine” February, 2016

Marchand D. M. “Edmonton Treaty 6” A collaboration between myself and Free Footie to design a soccer ball with information about the local Indigenous population around the Edmonton area to be given to 1300+ students in 35 different lower income and inner city schools. December, 2015

Marchand D. M. A Burst of Brightness Multicultural Bazaar. A Collaboration between Art Mentorship Society and Ambrose Place to expose clients to marketing and sales of their work in micro business ventures.

Marchand D. M.  “Out in the Open: Why you won’t find my work in galleries”, SNAPline Magazine, August, 2015

Marchand D. M. Completed artwork on “How the Cree Got Horses”-based on an oral history from the Sweetgrass First Nation originally published by Donna Paskeman given to her by her Father, Myron.  Preview Exhibit-First Nations Healing Workshop-North Battleford, Saskatchewan to give the community the first look and get feedback. August, 2015

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Marchand D. M. Helper for the “We are the Land Conference:  Food Sovereignty and Renewable Energy Conference”, June 2015  

Marchand D. M. Delegate for the Channeling Connections: Indigenous Arts Gathering, May 2015  

Marchand D. M. kâ-katawasisicik iskwêwak Retreat:  Took 13 women into the Kootenay Mountains for a 2 Day retreat to explore concepts of Indigenous Beauty.  Will be planning a series of exhibits around the artwork and photography.  May 2015  

Marchand D. M.  Walrus Talks: Aboriginal City-Producer of the Aboriginal Art Exhibit with Dawn Sanders Dahl.  We brought in over 30 artists.  I also produced a short film which was playing in the back of the room. April 2015, D. M. Indigenous Scholars Conference:  Story Night Speaker and Youth Presenter.  March 2015  

Marchand D. M.  Rubaboo Festival: Fusion Night participant and gallery assistant.  January 2015  

Marchand D.M. Blue Quills First Nation College-Art Camp. Was one of 3 artists working at Blue Quills for a full immersion art program. Worked in mixed media visual art emphasizing the oral history of Treaty 6 and the spirit and intent of Treaty.   September, 2014  

Marchand D. M. itah kakohtayek kitacimowina - A Place to Hang Your Stories; Indian Residential School  

Installation.  Installed at City Hall during the TRC event, CBC Mainstage, City Centre Mall, Edmonton, AB The Works Festival Big Tent, “Reconciliation?”, Edmonton, AB, Kehewin Treaty Days, Kehewin, AB, Indian Family Centre, Winnipeg, MB and Neechi Commons, Winnipeg, MB, 2014  

Marchand D. M. Truth and Reconciliation Commission Collaborative Community Art Project. 


Marchand D. M. Circle of Change Panel Discussion:  with Mayor Don Iveson, Elder Fred Campiou, Archbishop Richard Smith.  

Marchand D. M. kiyas aspin: wrote and researched this exhibit for Enterprise Place Galleries  

Marchand D. M. Keepers of the Water: Beaver River Council Water Conference.  Organizer and facilitator, June 2014.  Cold Lake Alberta  

Marchand D. M.  Walk for Future Generations: Participant.  Cold Lake, Alberta.  October 2013  

Marchand D. M. Top 100 Women in Business Edmonton, Wander Online, December 2013  

Marchand D.M. Blue Quills First Nation College-Art Camp. Was one of 5 artists working at Blue Quills for a full immersion art program. Worked in mixed media visual art. Acrylic, ink and pastel works were created. September 2013  

Marchand D. M. "Monto" Installation at the Edmonton International Folk Festival. Collaboration with  

Indigenous Peoples Art and Culture Coalition, Edmonton Folk Festival, Wicihtowin Circle of Shared  

Stewardship, Canadian Native Friendship Centre, Aboriginal Women's Professional Association,  

Edmonton Aboriginal Senior's Centre, The City of Edmonton, Sun Rae Landscaping and Cheyanne Tree Farm. July and August, 2013 10279&type=3  

Marchand D. M. Youth Treaty Banners Project. National Treaty Gathering, Onion Lake, AB. July 2013 &type=1  

Marchand D.M. “Bridging the longest distance”. Two conversations about how the City of Edmonton can better engage its Indigenous Grassroots artists. June 2013. Spoke with CBC-Edmonton about it with Aaron Paquette and Portia Clark. Aired June 2013  

Marchand D. M. “Collaborative Large Scale Painting”. February and March, 2013 Worked with students at Archbishop Oscar Romero School to design and finish a 40 x 40” painting that will stay in their Braided Journey’s room.  

Marchand D. M. Visual Essays Workshop-Idle No More Discussion Panel Guest-Crafts and guest speaker facilitation. Concordia University College. Aboriginal Day of Research and Discovery. March 15, 2013  

Marchand D. M. Art Integration Workshop. Little Red Deer River Education Authority. Education Conference at the Ramada Inn, Edmonton, Alberta. March 2013  

Marchand D. M. Artist Presentation: Rupertsland Institute Métis Training to Employment Services's and Creating Hope Society Career Fair. March 2013  

Marchand D. M. Cree Culture as Survivance . February 2013. Discussion at Concordia University College for Philosophy of Human Nature  

Marchand D. M. "Living my Kokum's Words", January 29, 2013.  

Marchand D.M. Compiling, researching and updating "Selected Readings" December - present,  

Notre Dame Elementary School in Bonnyville, AB wrote a digital thank you note for a gift that I left for them. December 2012. arie_Marchand.html  

Cree Literacy Network used image called, Things to pass on: mamahwohkamatowin, on their page,  

"Traditional Teachings passed on via Solomon Rat" December, 2012.  

Marchand D. M. and Paquette A. "Cree8 Success Conference w/ Dawn Marie Marchand and Aaron Paquette" Indigenous Waves Radio. November 2012.  


Marchand D. M. “Visual Essays: Giving them the chance to show what they know.” Conference Coordinator/Facilitator, Cree8 Success Conference 2012. November 2012.  

Marchand D. M. “First Nations Strategies for Successful Engagement”. Guest Lecture. Canadian Art Therapy Association Conference, October, 2012.  

Marchand D. M. “From the Outside: From the Inside”. Guest lecture. Art-Based Studio, University of Alberta. April, 2012. video of the lecture  

Edmonton Public School Board. Junior High Aboriginal Art Project. Coordinator. March 2012 Facilitator:  

Nathaniel Arcand. Coordinator Assistant and Co-Facilitator March 2011. Facilitator: Linus Woods.  

Coordinator Assistant and Co-Facilitator March 2010. Facilitator: Aaron Paquette. Coordinator Assistant and Co-Facilitator March 2009. Facilitator: Suzanne McCleod.  

Marchand D.M. “Barriers to Aboriginal Student Success”. Guest lecture. Faculty of Education. University of Alberta. Telus Lecture Theatre. February 2012, October 2011, February 2011, May, 2010.  

Marchand D.M. “Confronting False Beliefs in Young Women”. Guest Lecture. Love Conference-Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women, February, 2012  

 Reclaiming Youth International: Response Abilities Pathways Train the Trainer Certification. December, 2011.  

Ryan, J. “First Nations exhibit a study in perspectives.” Edmonton Journal November 2011.  

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Marchand, D. M. “Circle of Courage Infusion into the Alberta Indigenous Games 2011”, Reclaiming Children and Youth Magazine V. 20, I 3, Fall 2011  

Marchand, D. M. Circle of Courage Coordinator, Alberta Indigenous Games 2011.  

Marchand D.M. “Living in Ceremony; A Practical Metaphor for Life”. Guest lecture. Faculty of Art. Concordia University. April 2011.  

Marchand D. M. “Storytelling influence in Contemporary Aboriginal Art”. Professional Development. Art  Gallery of Alberta. February 2011  

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Opening Minds through the Arts: Completion Certification: July 2010  

Marchand D. M. “Visual Story Telling”, “Barriers to Aboriginal Student Success”, “Applying the Circle of Courage”, “Contemporary Aboriginal Art”, “Infusing Aboriginal Perspective”. Professional Development. “Confronting False Beliefs”, “Native Pride”, “Culture Day Crew” and numerous programs and projects developed for students. Numerous one-to-one conversations and consultations. January 2009-June 2012.  

Aboriginal Student Association. “The Song in the Northern Lights”. Wrote and performed a poem for Native Awareness Days. Master of Ceremonies. Keyano College, Ft. McMurray, AB.  

Janvier Gallery. Manager’s Assistant Part-time. November 2004 – June 2006. Spent time archiving, organizing and cataloguing artwork, news clippings and inventory. I gave tours and answered correspondence.  

Marchand D. M. “Building Bridges”. Program Coordinator. Lakeland Catholic School Division. September 2005 – June 2006.  

Marchand D. M. “Creation of the World and Other Business”, “Dark of the Moon”, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” Keyano Theatre. I played an Angel in Creation, a witch in Dark and did sets and props for Huck. 1994-1996  

Marchand D. M. “Native Awareness Days” Keyano College 1995. Fashion Show. Coordinated and choreographed. Performance. Wrote and performed a one person play.  


Selected Exhibitions  

2017 Dawn Marie Marchand, Indigenous Artist in Residence Celebration and Showcase, Edmonton City Hall

2017 The Longest Journey, Grant MacEwan University Campus

2017 Land and Spirit Exhibit, Northlands Expo Centre, National Gathering of Elders (Curator)

2017 The Dream we Form by Being Together-Borealis Gallery, Alberta Legislature

2017 Rubaboo Festival Art Exhibit- Gallerie Cite

2016 AMSA Members and Mentors Show – Royal Alexandra Hospital

2016 AMSA Portraits Show – McMullen After Hours Gallery

2016 Prayers for my Sisters Installation, PARK(ing) Day

2016 AMSA Members and Mentors Show – McMullen After Hours Gallery

2016 Tru Konkrete – Boyle Street Plaza

2016 Rubaboo Festival Art Exhibit – Gallerie Cite

2015 kamamak Installation: PARK(ing) Day

2015 How the Cree Got Horses-Art for Book Preview Exhibit-First Nations Healing Workshop-North Battleford, Saskatchewan

2015 Walrus Talks: Aboriginal City-Producer of the Aboriginal Art Exhibit with Dawn Sanders Dahl  

2015 Rubaboo Festival Art Exhibit- Gallerie La Cite (assisted with installation and organization)  

2015 kisik anoch- individual exhibit at the Carrot Arthouse in March  

2014 itah kakohtayek kitacimowina - A Place to Hang Your Stories; Indian Residential School Installation.   

Installed at City Hall, CBC Mainstage, The Works International Visual Arts Festival Big Tent exhibit  

“Reconciliation?”, Kehewin Treaty Days, Kehewin, AB, Indian Family Centre, Winnipeg, MB and Neechi Commons, Winnipeg, MB   

2014 “kiyas aspin”, Enterprise Place Galleries, Edmonton, AB (Exhibit Advisor/Writer)  

2013 Monto Installation. Folk Festival, Edmonton, AB 

2013 Assorted works. Rubaboo Festival, Edmonton, AB  

2013  Assorted works. Concordia University College Library  

2012 “Sky Ponies” Series. Available at Scoles Framing and Fine Art. Saskatoon, SK 2012 “The Journey Home” Series. Expressionz Café. Edmonton, AB  

2011 Shifting Patterns: McMullen Gallery, Edmonton, AB  

2011 Linus Woods and the Junior High Art Project: Gallery at Milnar, Edmonton, AB (Curator) 2009 Tell Me Your Story: Gallery at Milnar, Edmonton, AB (Curator)  

1997-2000 Royal Muttart Conservatory Travelling Exhibit, Canada-wide.  

1996 Boreal Forest Institute Student Exhibit, Artworks Gallery, Ft. McMurray, AB  

1996 Boreal Forest Institute Student Exhibit, Keyano Gallery, Ft. McMurray, AB (Curator) 1996 Keyano College Student Exhibit, Keyano College, Ft. McMurray, AB  

1995 Keyano College Student Exhibit, Keyano College, Ft. McMurray, AB  


Private collections  


A.Paquette, Edmonton, AB-Commissioned

I. Day, Serpent River, ON

B. Cooke, Edmonton, AB

L. Woods, Edwin, MB  

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J. McEvoy, Cold Lake, AB  

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Creating Hope Society, Edmonton, AB - Commissioned  

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A. & J. Janvier, Cold Lake, AB  

Cold Lake First Nation, Cold Lake, AB - Commissioned  

P. Campiou, Edmonton, AB – Commissioned  

P. Ouellette, Fork Lake, AB  

G. Chambers, Edmonton, AB  

T & J Hunter, Edmonton, AB  

J. Thom, Cochrane, AB  

B & A Buffalo, Edmonton, AB  

Numerous Others